Aftermarket | Introduction

At Torinco, our commitment to quality does not end on the completion of a job.

Continuous help and support, in any eventuality that may affect our products once finished, i a premise that has guided our good work over our 100 years’ experience in carpentry.

We are always at the service of our products and of the people who use them.

Whether or not you contract the guarantee extension and after-sales services, at TORINCO we have the responsibility at all times of offering a fully finished product delivered in perfect condition and with the features and aesthetic options required by the customer. It is worth mentioning that our normal guarantee is well above that of our competitors with regard to fittings, glass, wood, finish, etc. This is only possible when you are completely sure of providing a quality product and have a long period of experience to verify that these guarantee periods are totally reasonable.

Aftermarket | What we offer

We want to go one step further by offering an additional service not only to repair any defect caused by the passage of time but also to prevent any type of problem in the carpentry. In the after-sales service of TORINCO, we take care of our products and our customers by means of non-aggressive preventive maintenance, which prolongs the life of the windows and their accessories, considerably reducing the number of incidences arising from normal use, continuously checking the perfect condition of the varnish and the opening of fittings, and offering the customer a priority service at all times.

In short, the service is an extension of the guarantees with a service of maintenance and periodical checking by our after-sales team.

Our technicians will remind you when the next check of your windows is due so that they are always as new and worry free.

Aftermarket | Advantages

The advantages are clear:

  • Periodic maintenance arranged in order to prevent possible incidences.
  • Extension of the life of products.
  • Interventions by specialist technicians trained by TORINCO.
  • Priority and fast service.
  • Direct telephone assistance service with our technicians, with no travel or labour costs for the service.
  • Genuine parts.
  • Total guarantee of varnish for the whole term of the contract.

Aftermarket | Annual fee

An annual fee including up to two comprehensive checks of the windows, including the following services:

  • Varnish, application of the cleaning and maintenance products to restore the colours and the duration of the protective lacquer.
  • Repair of scratches and bumps not included in the guarantee.
  • Checking of the state of paint and repair where necessary.
  • Checking of the quality of opening and fittings, adjusting the latter where necessary.
  • Checking the handle: state of attachment and finish.
  • No travel or labour costs.
  • Log book of incidences and services applied to your windows.
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