Maintenance | Introduction

Any wooden product can last indefinitely if it is properly maintained.

Current technology in wood finishes and protection is in a condition to ensure a long life for your windows with minimum maintenance.

Maintenance | Cleaning and basic maintenance

Clean both the outer and inner frame of the window once or twice a year (spring/autumn) with a dry cloth impregnated with a mixture of the product with water (90% product, 10% max. water). It is important only to use neutral cleaning agents, since cleaning products containing solvents or abrasive particles damage the film of varnish. We recommend the use of “Sikkens Special Cleaner” or “T.Clean RR1050”, depending on the finish.

Once the window frame is dry, apply a small amount of the maintenance product “Sikkens Maintenance Protector” or “T.Top+RR1250” with a sponge. The product dries and is absorbed in approximately 15-20 minutes. It is important not to apply it in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces.

Both products can be substituted by other of similar characteristics for the treatment of wood.

Maintenance | Long-term maintenance

All windows require special maintenance approximately every 4-6 years. This maintenance is essential to ensure the maximum performance of the window.

Depending on the orientation, the geographical location and whether or not it is on the outside of the building, the window must be maintained with more or less frequency. This maintenance will be within a range of 3‐4 years in the case of south-southwest orientations (a lot of sunlight) or northern orientations (a lot of humidity) and 6 years or more if the windows have an orientation and location in which sun and humidity are not significant aggressive factors.

Visual inspection is the main way of determining the right time for restoration.

Maintenance | Application

The application process is as follows:

  1. Protect the glass with tape.
  2. Sand the wood superficially to remove the last remains of varnish from the layer of finish. You should never remove the first layer of undercoat with water repellent and fungicidal properties, i.e. you should not be able to see the raw wood.
  3. Apply the specific carpentry finishing product, which is registered in both composition and colour in the Torinco files. This information is at your disposal.  

Access doors, due to their constant handling and daily use, have an extra process that gives them great strength and protection against scratches.

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