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About us | Introduction

Our surname, Torrero, has been associated with wood for over a century.
We could say that our name is one which, touch wood, looks to the future with the strength provided by over 100 years associated with the same trade, over which time we have been able to learn, study, improve and innovate.

2010 marked the 100th anniversary of our family working with this fine and beautiful material: wood. Our family has now been making a professional career out of woodwork for three generations.  Since our grandfather, Antonio Torrero Viana, began working as a carpenter in the early 20th century, doing a wide range of different jobs, various circumstances have led the company to become strongly specialized in comprehensive systems and solutions for exterior woodwork.

About us | Company

Our company, Torinco S.L., thanks to the trust placed in us over many years by an endless list of customers, architects, decorators, suppliers and friends, is now a company of reference in the joinery sector at a national level. Learning from our mistakes, maintaining our desire to innovate and listening to all the viewpoints of those we have dealings with, have been the key to the success which now enables us to be present in most parts of the country and in other countries beyond our borders.

We have history, but we are moved by the future, the idea that to continue having a presence, it is necessary to take risks, to feel that wood can offer us even more and that, therefore, we can help improve your wellbeing and make your home the most comfortable place to be. We want to continue growing older with you, with our environment, with everyone who talks about the company and help disseminate and promote its name.

And that is only possible if we get closer to you every day. Our sales network is becoming increasingly extensive; our concern is to give shape to your ideas and needs and ensure your wellbeing; our commitment is to generate a committed and responsible development with those around us.

About us | Corporate video

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