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What makes us different | Introduction

If you know us, you will have arguments to talk about us, to tell your friends they can count on our company, on Torinco, because we attended to your desires as faithfully as possible and, although we might possibly have been able to do it better, we were there and you have positive memories of the occasion.

If you don’t know who or what we are, all we can say is that you can count on us because we are the carpenters you are looking for, the carpenters you need; because we know our work better than most, because time has given us the know-how required to determine the comprehensive solution you have always had in mind to make of your home, your project, the one everybody wanted, the most welcoming; because we combine perfectly the warmth and nobility of wood with the strength of light.

Come to Torinco because we assure you that wood is not the problem, but the solution; because we have the materials, the means and the processes to offer you a top performance solution, now and in the future; because wood is the most insulating of all materials and we can easily demonstrate the fact to you.  
Look for something living, look for something natural, look for wood, its texture, its colour, its elasticity. Look for Torinco.

Call us and you will see that our company is your company, that our catalogue is your catalogue, and your point of view and your colours; because at Torinco we apply the latest technologies to form the gap, the window, the space you want to open yourself up to the outside, to other people.

What makes us different | What make us different

Come to Torinco because you will find everything you need to furnish your project with all the details in wood you had planned. Come with your plans or your pencil sketches, if you have any. If not, a conversation with our technical department will give form to the idea you identify with.

If you are looking for something different and you like combinations of materials, you have come to the right place. Come to Torinco and enjoy the effects produced by wood combined with stone, aluminium, stainless steel or bronze.

If you are demanding of yourself, we are sure you like things well done. Observe, study and analyse our work and our projects. You will see quality itself. At Torinco, we pioneered the introduction of the regulated quality control and environment systems, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, for which we have been publicly recognized.

Because we know about your commitment to society and to the environment, because you want to preserve the best things we have, come to Torinco and choose certified wood from sustainably managed forests.  
Because only those who are convinced about what they are doing give their name to their work, come to Torinco.

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