Why wood? | Introduction

Wood is life, nature, feeling; being the most insulating natural material that exists.
At Torinco we select it with extreme care. We travel around the world to seek the highest quality wood for our products. After 100 years, we still continue trying new species for commercial use, giving our technicians an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of the species and their characteristics. The reasons we have always used wood are the nobility of the material and its versatility. New benefits are now added to the traditional reasons in the form of new technologies in wood protection and finish.

Why wood? | Why use wood?

The main reasons for using wood can be summed up as follows:

  • It is a renewable and inexhaustible resource if suitable management techniques are used.
  • It helps protect us from the climate change by absorbing and fixing atmospheric CO2 on the inside.
  • Its manufacture does not require the use of fossil fuel since the energy required comes directly from the sun.
  • Its waste does not cause negative environmental impact.
  • It can be recycled many times and at the end of its useful life it provides clean energy.
  • It has excellent physical properties being a great thermal insulator, magnificent acoustic corrector and electrical insulator.
  • It has healthy properties since it absorbs the electromagnetic radiation from mobiles, televisions, computers, etc. and regulates humidity in houses.
  • It is a strong, lightweight material, used to build safe, beautiful, warm, comfortable and very cosy articles.
  • It is very fire resistant, does not deform or collapse in a fire, needs a large quantity of energy to increase in temperature and burns slowly and at a constant speed.
  • It is very resistant to aggressive, saline, corrosive environments, etc.
  • It promotes design, innovation, improved productivity and the taste for natural things.
  • It is possible to cover large spaces economically in the form of plywood.
  • It is possible to carry out most of the work in the workshop, with the resulting economic savings and reduced occupational hazards.
  • Correctly used and preserved, it has proven to last hundreds of years.
  • It is possible to save energy in all the phases of the construction process. The manufacture of a wooden beam consumes 15 times less energy and emits a quarter of the CO2 into the atmosphere.
  • Besides this, forests are oxygen factories and greenhouse gas filters, they maintain the water and carbon cycle and protect the ground from runoff.

If we add to this the fact that TORINCO produces a very special design of profiles in windows, doors, locks, etc., including EPDM joints, double or even triple glazing and a final treatment with the flow coating system, the overall result are elements with maximum insulation from external agents, water, wind, noise, heat, cold, etc.; a perfect barrier and of a timeless beauty.

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